Animal Assisted Therapy (AAT)

A 1998 study looked at the use of AAT in reducing anxiety levels of patients. They determined that anxiety levels were significantly reduced in patients with mood disorders and psychotic disorders after a session of AAT. In fact, for the patients with psychotic disorders, those who participated in AAT had twice the reduction in anxiety scores as those who participated in some other form of recreational activity. An increase in morale and a sense of safety have also been documented for individuals involved in AAT who are undergoing intense medical treatments, reducing depression and anxiety as well as chronic pain.

Yellowstone Recovery Center utilizes a variety of animals to assist in AAT. Our resident cats and dogs are frequently part of group therapy and individual therapy bringing support and comfort for our residents. In addition, we utilize equine assisted therapy for residents to assist in building social, emotional, or cognitive functioning. Other animals you may see include our chickens who not only provide non-judgmental relationships but also nutrition for our residents.