Outpatient Services

NIDA has provided research studies that support the idea that for most patients, a continuing care approach provides the best results, with the treatment intensity varying according to an individual’s changing needs. Therefore, Yellowstone Recovery Center also provides outpatient services in order to best meet the needs of individuals.

Outpatient Services include Level II.1 Intensive Outpatient Treatment and Level I Outpatient treatment. These outpatient services can be provided for individuals as they complete residential services and for individuals who are not in need of residential services.

The Substance Abuse Standards describe Level II.1 treatment as providing at least nine (9) hours of structured programming per week, consisting primarily of counseling and education about substance-related and mental health problems. Programming must be at least eight (8) weeks due to the severity level required for this level of care. The client’s needs for psychiatric and medical services are addressed through consultation and referral arrangements, if the client is stable and requires only maintenance monitoring. The Standards describe Level I treatment as services which may be delivered in a wide variety of settings. Outpatient programs provide regularly scheduled sessions of usually fewer than nine (9) contact hours a week. The services follow a defined set of policies and procedures or clinical protocols.