Welcome to Yellowstone Recovery Center!

Yellowstone Recovery Center is the newest most innovative treatment center in Wyoming offering client centered holistic care for individuals and families struggling with mental health and addiction issues. We are dedicated to providing compassionate care focused on each individual’s needs. Our focus is on the individual and providing therapeutic care that fits with each person’s spirit.

Holistic care is a central aspect of the services we provide. In essence, to provide holistic care means we provide care to address the whole person; mind, body, and spirit. Treatment is ineffective if the whole person is not cared for. Our mind is not distinct from our body; our body is not distinct from our spirit; and our spirit not distinct from our mind. It is all connected.

Our professional staff believes in the individual’s ability to heal and is focused on supporting and leading those affected by mental health and addictions issues in obtaining serenity and acceptance in life. The struggles faced due to the disconnect resulting from mental health and addictions issues often leaves a person feeling very alone. Yellowstone Recovery Center is here to let those struggling know, you are not alone. We can help!

Shawna Chandler,
Director of Residential Services